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uScope Master Kit

The uScope! The ultimate run and gun lab scope.  A single channel, pocket-sized, digital storage oscilloscope that’s small, quick, and powerful.

This kit includes the most common accessories needed for labscope diagnostics.


When it’s time for a diagnostic showdown and you’re forced to draw your scope, you don’t always have time to pull out the heavy artillery. As a wise old tool slinger once said, “You best keep something powerful close and ready”.
How about right in your pocket?


Ideal for the Flat Rater that wants the ultimate run and gun lab scope for pin point testing. Ideal for the student that is ready to start scope’n.

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Small enough to fit in your pocket and powerful enough to capture the fastest signals, in less than 4 seconds it’s booted up and ready to take aim on any signal.

Pesky ignition in your crosshairs? Trigger the display to hit the spike every time! Upside down waveforms? give’em a quick invert. Not measuring up? Throw some cursors down. Injectors, O2 and even CAN signals are sitting ducks. Put the hammer down on current probes and transducers.

The uScope is equipped with a 12-bit analog/digital converter, samples at 1 million/second and includes 10x peak detect oversample. Add this up and it makes a very powerful DSO that does an excellent job on ignition and other high frequency and highly detailed signals.

One of the most unique features of the uScope is the ability to save scope setups and reference waveforms. Then, you can use your PC to rename and organize the setups within the menu system if the uScope – your own custom presets.

Secondary ignition, injectors, mass air flow, crank, cam, TPS, 02, CTS you name it it’ll scope it. The uScope is also perfect for your low amp probe, secondary ignition pickup and pressure transducers.

Default Startup
Do you have favorite targets? Setup a uScope default startup. You can be ignition or amp probe ready in seconds!

Technical specifications:

Display Full Color 2.8″ TFT LCD 65K 320×240
Analog bandwidth 0 – 200KHz
Max sample rate 1Msps 12Bits
Sample memory depth 4096 Point
Horizontal sensitivity 1uS/Div~10S/Div
Horizontal position adjustable with indicator
Vertical sensitivity 10mV/Div~10V/Div (with ×1 probe)
0.5V/Div~100V/Div (with ×10 probe)
Vertical position adjustable with indicator
Input impedance >500K6
Max input voltage 80Vpp (by ×1 probe)
Coupling DCs
Trig modes Auto, Normal, Single, None, Scan and Fit
Rising/Falling edge/level trigger
Trig level adjustable with indicator
Trig sensitivity adjustable with indicator
Waveform Functions Auto measurement: frequency, cycle time, duty cycle, peak voltage, RMS voltage, Average voltage and DC voltage
Precise vertical measurement with markers
Precise horizontal measurement with markers
Signal Generator 10Hz~1MHz square wave
Waveform storage Micro SD card
PC connection via USB as SD card reader
Upgrade USB
Power supply 500mAh 3.7V Lithium battery / USB
Dimension (w/o probe) 3.74 in* 2.44 in * .6 in
Weight 2.7 oz
  • uScope Digital Storage Scope
  • Low Current Amp Probe (10mA – 60A)
  • AC Filter
  • 6′ Shielded Test Lead (1:1)
  • 6′ Universal Secondary Lead (COP & Traditional Ignition)
  • Black Gator
  • Green Gator
  • Black Pin Tip Probe
  • Green Pin Tip Probe
  • Black EAP Probe
  • Green EAP Probe
  • BNC Adapter
  • Banana Plug Adapter
  • 2Gb Micro SD Card
  • USB Cable
  • uScope carrying pouch
  • uScope stand
  • Hard Carrying Case


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