About Us

About Us

The uScope and the uScope web site are powered by AESwave.com a.k.a. Automotive Electronics Services, Inc. (AES). We are specialists in the development, sales, and support of high-tech automotive diagnostic equipment. AES is located in Fresno CA, USA.

AES helped launch the hand-held lab scope revolution in the last decade of the twentieth-century, and continues to be a catalyst in the evolution of high-tech automotive diagnostic equipment.

Jorge Menchu started AES with the dream of sharing his electronics knowledge and diagnostic strategies to help build a community dedicated to helping individual technicians and the industry. Jorge has accomplished this by being a local and national resource for information, products, and training. His dream continues to grow with the help of many technicians, shop owners, trainers, and publishers from around the world.

Each day, thousands of individuals in repair shops, test labs, and training rooms are using AES products and diagnostic strategies:

• EAP™ probes for pinpoint testing
• ST3™ shielded test leads for minimizing noise
• Secondary pickups for ignition analysis
• AES Wave™ software for saving and publishing diagnostic information
• AES waveform analysis strategies
• The Wiring Diagram Color-coding™ Strategy
• The Learning Pathway™

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